Casa Grande de Alcaria Cova is located in the hamlet of Monte de Alcaria Cova de Baixo in the parish of Pereiro, Alcoutim. This area of the Algarve is located in the North East occupying a frontier position towards neighbouring Spain.  Alcoutim, the main town, is located on the right side of the Guadiana River opposite the Spanish town of San Lucar del Guadiana.

  Alcoutim has many narrow and twisting lanes which hold secrets from the past, especially of contraband.  There are, to this day, friendships and cultural ties shared with it's Spanish neighbours.

  The culture of this ancient and historical town is an experience not to be missed.  You can also enjoy the dazzling views over the Guadiana river towards Spain.

  Casa Grande de Alcaria Cova was previously a farmhouse and part of a considerable estate.  Due to the agricultural decline, the land has been divided into smaller plots which have been left mainly uncultivated apart from some land still used for cattle breeding.  Instead of farming, people have turned to forestry culminating in some hundreds of hectares planted with trees.

  As late as the 1960's these farmhouses, because of their strategic locations, were welcoming centres for travellers from all over the district of Alcoutim on their way to the main town for business purposes. They provided sleeping accommodation and even food free of charge.  Such houses were called Casas do Lavrador (Farmer's House).

  Maybe because of it's past history, the owners of Casa Grande decided in their way to pay homage to their ancestors and, after renovation and repair, returned the house to it's previous use as a country house for rural tourism.

  Casa Grande is part of a group of houses.  There are three such groups or hamlets with a total population of 30.  Mainly older people inhabit the area due to changing lifestyles.  It still, however, retains it's natural culture, intact and rich, allowing for visits of great pleasure.

  Casa Grande is only 15 kms away from Alcoutim and Spain and barely 40 kms from Vila Real De Sto Antonio's beaches and golf courses.

  There are many walks and interesting locations to occupy your time.  There is an enclosed parking space with easy access to the house.  A swimming pool has recently been installed.


Casa Grande has various areas for leisure time, either inside or out.  Take time to sit, to read, to watch TV or socialise, maybe do nothing at all !

Casa Grande comprises of:
3 double bedrooms and a suite
double or single beds
all with private bathrooms
hairdryer (if required)

Lounge with fireplace, TV and a table for games, ideal for cool evenings

Fully equipped kitchen

Buffet room

Reception area

Full air conditioning

  There are two terraces, made of regional stone, totalling an area of approximately 370 m², incorporating an antique well, barbecue and resting areas. There are also intimate corners for reading or just sitting taking in the wonderful fresh air.

  There are also magnificent views over the Algarvian Mountains where you can enjoy the splendour of a unique sunset.


                   Accommodation                                   Price per night

                   Double Bedroom                                      60 euros
                   Granddaughter's room                             90 euros
                   Extra bed                                               15 euros


     The daily charge includes a regional breakfast from 8.30 am to 10.00 am
     Prices are subject to change without prior notice

     If requested, food can be made available for guests to prepare


     Reservation must be made at least 3 days in advance
     A minimum stay of 2 days
     On confirmation of the booking a 40% deposit is required, the balance to                be paid on arrival
     Payment will not be accepted by bankcard
Daily charge includes breakfast
     Check in from 2.00 pm
     Check out up to 12 midday

  On request, any meal can be prepared for you.  Portugal has many varieties of local and traditional foods made from regional produce.  Prices are according to the Menu.


  How to get to Casa Grande de Alcaria Cova:

  Coming  from the South

Take the A22 (Via do Infante) in the direction of Vila Real de St. Antonio.  Exit at junction 18to Vila Real de St. Antonio/Beja/Castro Marim. Take the IC27 in the direction of Beja/Alcoutim.  Once on IC27 exit after 27 km onto EN124 Pereiro/Alcoutim.  Follow the Pereiro signs (EN124) for 8 kms.  Arriving at Pereiro with the village on the left continue for 1 km and take the bypass to Alcaria Cova.  Follow the signs and you will arrive at Casa Grande.


  Coming from the North

Take the Mertola/Alcoutim road to the IC27 (1km after the hamlet of Sta. Marta).  Travel for 3 kms on the IC27 and exit onto EN124 Pereiro/Alcoutim.
Follow the Pereiro signs (EN124) for 8kms.  Arriving at Pereiro with the village on the left continue for 1 km and take the bypass to Alcaria Cova.  Follow the signs and you will arrive at Casa Grande.


  Enjoy the tranquility and quietness that surrounds the property and relax to the "silence" of the mountains.

  In the vicinity of the house there are several archaeological and natural sites, museums and hamlets with their remote and traditional charm.  Experience also the local fauna and flora, play golf, fish or hunt (according to the season as we are located in a hunting reserve), go for long walks, bike rides or even ride a donkey!

  Hobbies / Sports

Golf.  18 hole Golf Course 35 kms away in Castro Marim, located in a unique natural area.

Hunting.  Casa Grande is located in a hunting reserve.  With prior notice and during the season,  you can make a hunting reservation here or at other places in the area.  Prices a ccording to the season.

Casa Grande has bicycles for guests.

Walking.  With the relaxed environment of Alcaria Cova it is ideal for leisurely walks, long or short, breathing fresh, pure air and investigating the local fauna and flora.  Nature at it's best.

Walk through the "Silent Paradise".  Walking is an ideal pastime for those of you who lead stressful and demanding lives.  These walks are easy, offering natural and healthy exercise.  All that is needed are comfortable shoes and light clothing.  A stick, water and fruit and also binoculars can be taken to appreciate the outstanding scenery.  Experience the lack of pollution, the silence and the fresh air of Alcaria Cova, a great way to unwind.

There is also the opportunity to fish in the Guadiana River or dams.  Take a boat trip up the Guadiana River and visit Spain.  Canoeing is also on offer.  There are a lot of opportunities for swimming in the pools of Martinlongo, and the Guadiana river near the fluvial beach of Alcoutim.

Visit in the right season and experience local cheese making, handicrafts and traditional sweet confections.  Savour the local dishes, made from fresh produce and meet local people who are very friendly and welcoming.



Casa Grande de Alcaria Cova

Cx Postal 174-A


8970-301 Alcoutim


Tel: (+ 351) 289 842 369 / 281 547 153

Mobile:  (+351) 96 2849 840

Fax: (+351) 289 843  837







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